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Pure Beskydian water

Unique exotic taste

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Inspired by an antique greek recipe


Purely herbal stimulating drink

made by leavening of herbs in the Czech Republic
Erebos is made by unique antique technique of leavening 19 kinds of herbs and spices. Erebos provides healthly and pure supply of energy, vitamins, minerals and many next usefull and necessary substances. All of it by urely clean way in the premium quality. The recipe is inspired by antique knowledge about herbs and their strong positive effects.
immediate and natural energy replenishment

Immediate and quality replenishment of the body's energy and vitality. A natural alternative to regular energy drinks, coffee or other stimulants. It contains only natural caffeine from herbs and other herbs, such as ginseng, which give the organism vitality and energy without the presence of caffeine. The overall effect is so complex, balanced. Erebos can be used in the long term with positive benefits to the body.

Tasteful enjoyment

A truly unique flavor that breaks down all categories and fundamentally differs from energy drinks. EREBOS delivers a tasteful delight that spits out all the taste buds and eagerly calls for another sip.

Natural composition

It contains high quality herbs and spices from around the world. Erebos is suitable for long-term detoxification of the organism. Herbs help improve liver and kidney functions, for example. This allows the body to regenerate better and faster. It also helps people intoxicated with alcohol, for example.


Types of herbs leached according to the original recipe

The drink contains extracts from plants of traditional ancient, Asian and worldwide medicine, making it a very effective complex. These ingredients are leached directly into the beverage, and then filtered with a unique fineness. It does not contain any chemical concentrates or extracts. The effects of these plants are, besides empirical tests, also tested by methods of modern pharmacology.


The healing effects of ginseng have been known for over 5,000 years. Ginseng acts on the psychological and physical endurance of man.


Guarana is known for its stimulating effects, reduces fatigue, maintains alertness and vigilance. It is suitable for nervous tension, it positively affects the nervous and physical condition, stimulates brain functions and supports brain activity.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba improves the blood supply to the brain and other tissues of our body. Helps to improve memory and ability to concentrate.


It pleasantly smells and tastes, helps to ease the flu and rhythm problems.

Yerba Mate

Strong stimulating effects, contains minerals (magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron silicon, phosphorus, etc.), vitamins A, B, C, E, beta-carotene and antioxidants.

Rhodiola Rosea

Although the Rhodiola Rosea does not contain caffeine, its ability to stimulate is up to 60% higher than for caffeine based products. The main effects include a central stimulating effect, increased alertness, improved memory.


Kurkuminoids - substances responsible for yellow turmeric are recognized antioxidants that help protect our organism from the negative effects of free oxygen radicals. They should be 5 times more effective than vitamin E.

Tribulus terrestris

Its main effects include the ability to increase testosterone levels by up to 30% in males, while on the other hand, women significantly increase estrogen levels.

Cola Verae

Wheat seed contains up to 3% alkaloids of which caffeine predominates. Traditionally, it is a sought-after remedy for fatigue and hunger.


+ 10 other herbs and spices


Pure Beskydian water

Quality water, flowing in the clear waters of the Beskydy Mountains into the water dam Šance, we use Erebos for leavening. Beskydian water is one of the best in the Central Europe.


Blanka Kubisková

So here it is. I just took my FIRST EREBOS. The package was paid by my boss, we took straight preferential 3×6 packs. Just a look at the address tag caused a smile in my soul: Blanka …… Daughter of Aphrodite ….. Excellent. A great marketing move – and yet unobtrusive ….. I literally threw the package, impatiently with the scissors she was wrapping the wrapper and bubble foil ….. I can see – beautiful paper boxes inside every 6 bottles … I’m impatient one shake it thoroughly – do it all, release the harmonizing energy …. and I WILL BE ….. THE FIRST BOTTLE I HAVE PUNISHED A SERIOUS HARDNESS, BUT I WAS GIVEN ONCE ….. Like when you shave the candle .. I taught my Erebos on her tongue, smelled the aroma of herbs … I closed my eyes and moved myself far into the imaginary realm of dreams and memories …. I will write about the effects later, but now, after a quarter of a century, I feel the energy flow …. You have me, I am yours.

Tomáš Zach

Excellent taste, non-aggressive gentle stimulating and long-lasting effect. Wonderful and original packaging and name! I recommend.

Lucie Streigrová

It’s just a god’s drink that you have to taste and if you have not done that, do it quick to fix it. It is a bit more expensive but healthier.

Radek Milán

I have to say that this drink has probably helped me most to recover energy after a hard workout when I was really tired, so I really knew the effect after a moment, which was quite surprising by the force it started to do, just natural things are always better than some energy drinks and such shades. The taste of this drink is not bad at all, it could be drunk at all times.

Daniel Macek

Erebos drink I drink regularly. She tastes and helps me concentrate on work. It suits me that there is no chemistry in it. I can only recommend.

Tereza Hrstková

What exactly did Erebos help you? He always kicks me into life. What is your taste for Ereba? Natural herbal flavor, which is original. I never tasted such a thing. Do you think packaging and bottles are from natural, recyclable materials? Definitely yes. The bottles are also nice flower vases 🙂

  • Laboratory tested
  • Under the supervision of the State Agricultural and Food Inspection
  • Manufactured according to EFSA standards
  • Made in Czech Republic
  • Manufactured according HACCP principles
  • Does not contain pesticides
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